The Addictionary Podcast

#11: WOD: Dual-Diagnosis. Special Caller Ryan Heffernan

March 1, 2018

Special Caller Ryan Heffernan, Author of Clown & I: Riding the Wildling Spirit - A Bipolar Memoir, Bipolar Disorder, Resilience, Addicts are the Greatest & Strongest People in the World, Heroin Brings Ryan a Sense of Normalcy, 4th Dimension of Thought, Poetry, Going Clowning, Humor in Recovery, Mental Illness is Not a Death Sentence, Soul Searching, A War Within, F*$% OFF and Tough Shit, Stigma, A Shift in Language Can’t Help Someone in the Midst of the Chaos, Strength Through Addiction, Acid, Stimulating Outside The Box Thinking, The Mundane 9-5, Ryan’s Poem “What Can Be.”