The Addictionary Podcast

#14: WOD: The Dope Game. Special Caller Dante Coats

March 1, 2018

Special Caller Dante Coats, Author of Revenge: My Story and Why I Stopped Selling Heroin and Creator of The Nonprofit Organization “Revenge” ( Tells Us His Journey with Crime and Incarceration and How He Is Trying to Combat the Opioid Epidemic By Educating and Inspiring Dealers To Do Leave The Dope Game Behind with His Nonprofit. Dante Plans to Speak at Local Treatment Centers to Spread the Hope of Learning a New Life. Being a Product of Your Environment, Selling Drugs as a Teenager, Becoming a Dad, Cycle of Incarceration, Youth Who Are Negatively Influenced by Music, Writing a Book in Prison, Fentanyl Deaths Have Changed The Game, Deterrence from Returning to a Life of Selling, Training People to Become Entrepreneurs, The Need for Positivity in the Entertainment Industry, Employment, Dad Tells Us How At Age 6, He Rigged The Vending Machines, Shined Shoes, Went Junking, and Stole Newspapers From The Record American to Make Some Money, Uncle Billy aka “The Mad Scientist” Gets Banned From the MIT Library.