The Addictionary Podcast

#23: Special caller Christopher Dickie

April 19, 2018

Special caller Christopher Dickie: Founder of Hope 365 and Co-founder/CEO of Natural State Recovery Centers, VP of Wolfe Street Foundation (a non-profit recovery outpatient recovery program in Arkansas that offers sober living). Chris is 10 years sober and tell us a funny story to kick off the show, but levels it out by explaining how the downward spiral of his active addiction negatively impacted his life, including when he didn’t graduate from high school. Chris hits his bottoms (getting arrested over 14 times, convulsing from a GHB overdose while driving with the car door open). Wasting potential, Chris puts his family and community through Hell, inpatient treatment, 12-step meetings, Anthony Robbins, positivity and open-mindedness, and accepting new information, freedom in recovery. Chris tells us about his organizations and Dad shares his new method to quit smoking.