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#41: Freddy Negrete, LEGENDARY tattoo artist and pioneer of the “Black-and-Gray Realism Style” of tattooing

June 14, 2018

Freddy Negrete, LEGENDARY tattoo artist and pioneer of the “Black-and-Gray Realism Style” of tattooing, Author of Smile Now, Cry Later: Guns, Gangs and Tattoos, My Life in Black and Gray, drug counselor, father, and person in long-term recovery calls into the show and tell us about his colorful life and tumultuous childhood comprised of abuse, East LA gangs, incarceration, grief over his son’s death, heart failure, and addiction. Freddy’s accomplished career as a tattoo artist includes being featured in the History Channel’s Marked series, documentary Tattoo Nation, Spike TV’s Inkmaster as a guest judge alongside Dave Navarro, and in numerous print, online, and video publications. He has worked as a tattoo consultant on over 30 Hollywood films including Batman, Blade, Con Air and Austin Powers. He currently works at The Shamrock Social Club on LA’s Sunset Strip. Call the shop at 310-271-8664 and ask for Freddy! Check out his masterpieces on his website and follow him on social media: Instagram @freddy_negrete, Twitter @freddynegrete. Dad and I open up the show briefly talking about some changes we are going to be making to the podcast.

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