The Addictionary Podcast

#91 The Addictionary podcast is on hiatus!

February 18, 2019

We are on hiatus this week! We will be back on March 11th. In the meantime, check out our picks for "the best of" The Addictionary podcast:

Episode 30: Bobby’s Shattuck Hospital story.

Episode 80: NYE spectacular part I with Lenny Clarke who talks cocaine, the playboy mansion, and AA! 

Episodes 39 & 46 “CannaChronicles”: Joined by a medical expert and cannabis user who explains why cannabis is a viable alternative to opioids. 

Episode 16: Bobby becomes an entrepreneur. 

Episode 1: The original episode! Bobby tells his b-day story.

Episode 2: The DEA bugs the house.

Episode 4: Here comes Roy.

Episode 6: The DEA bugs the hotel room.

Episode 90: Lara Frazier and why she left AA. 

Episode 21: Bobby’s lawyer stories.

Episode 24: Academy of Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition for eye opening information on how nutrition impacts mental health and how to treat different disorders with amino acids only. 

Episode 71 “Altered States”: Zappy and plant medicines!

Episode 70: Jen tells us about growing up in a cult and how bad her addiction got. 

Episode 65: Ashley Wahler and how she has supported her husband Jason Wahler throughout his battle with addiction and regained sobriety.