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A female-lead unconventional podcast about addiction, mental health, holistic healing, recovery, plant medicines, and more!

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing 
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there"




Boston's own father-daughter recovery team

A few moons ago, my father ("Bawby" A.K.A. "BK") and I decided to start a podcast with the goal of sharing our non-traditional stories of recovery and nitty gritty details of our sordid pasts with those in need of inspiration for deep profound change. Our hope was to shine light on a heavy subject, provide thought-provoking perspectives, and encourage others to consider alternative ways to think about age-old topics all the while cracking some jokes and delivering you the "goods" in the thickest of Boston accents. Make no mistake, The Addictionary podcast is known for its outside-the-box ways of conceptualizing addiction, recovery, and beyond combined with humor only a Bostonian can deliver. Our mission is to showcase the diversity and dimensionality in the many journeys toward mindful and intentional healing. 

Our podcast guests possess an expertise and/or personal connection to the show content and include medical and mental health experts, healers, psychonauts, advocates, plant medicine/psychedelic specialists, film makers, spiritual leaders, authors, entrepreneurs, artists, and comedians just to name a few. Past guests include people like entrepreneur and award-winning film maker, Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, comedian/actor Lenny Clark, author Amy Dresner, musician Daphne Willis, legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete, Dr. George Greer from the Heffner Research Institute, and more.


Pawps has since retired as co-host and is enjoying a much slower pace in life. His replacement is MissMaeg's puppy co-host Gaia, a Frenchbo (French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix) who sits in front of the mic and makes the job look easy! She is a ball of energy who decides that show time equates to nap time, which makes MissMaeg's job easier. She is named after the spirit of Mother Earth, who fills us with the divine energy needed to remain compassionate, flexible, and grounded. Gaia is a true gift of life who lights up the room every time she steps in it. She is the star of the show!

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Former addict turned soon-to-be psychologist

Maegan Kenney is the Creator and Host of The Addictionary podcast on YouTube, a clinical interventionist, recovery coach, heart-centering meditation teacher, and therapist. Maegan founded the Opioid Crisis and Advocacy student group at William James College in Newton, MA and is passionate to raise awareness about the vast array of options people can explore to find harmony after experiencing addiction, trauma, and mental health struggles. She is recovered herself from opioid addiction after utilizing a non-traditional approach, which largely informs her clinical work. She also serves on the board of a non-profit called The Mass Ave Project focused on providing care items, clothes, and most importantly compassion to homeless individuals living on Boston’s Massachusetts Avenue otherwise known as “Methadone Mile.”

Maegan has worked in the mental health field for over seven years and has a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling with a specialty in forensic and correctional counseling. She is currently conducting research examining how individuals use cannabis and other plant medicines as a way to move beyond their opioid use and/or addiction. She is an avid studier of consciousness, plant medicines, astrology, and alternative therapies. Maegan is motivated to use her public platforms to awaken people to the possibilities of restoring balance in their lives that align with their inner truth and potential. Maegan emphasizes the need for psychological integration inspired by the work of Carl Jung and Stanislov Grof. She has been a public voice in the realm of addition, recovery, trauma, and plant medicines and has been featured in the U.S. News & World Report, MassINC, iHeartRadio, WBZ, Metro, and more. Maegan is currently in the process of writing her memoir and is pursuing a PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. 



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